About Me

You would think this would be a pretty simple thing to write. I sat here trying to figure out who am I at this current moment and all I can do is laugh! Former go-getter who owned a nationally recognized bakery that discovered she was pregnant with twins and put the brakes on everything other than being the best mom possible all while not loosing my mind..that was me 3 years ago. Now that I am finally able to see above the insanity (hahahhahaha) of my day to day life I felt it was time ( ok I am being dragged and pushed by family and friends) into writing down my daily recipes and musings that now fill my week. I am insanely passionate about food. Good food, fresh food, organic food, farm fresh food. I love to feed my family and friends and love nothing more than to invite everyone over for an impromptu brunch or dinner. It truly does feed my soul and gives me no greater pleasure and I look forward to creating and inspiring meals and ideas for you in your kitchen.

Happy cooking,

Contact info: theweeklyplate@yahoo.com